What can you do about it?

 You can feel thankful, “Oh! This was my limitation. I came in touch with my boundaries.” Then, that moment, you turn the whole situation into a prayer: “Let there be peace, not just in me, but in everybody.”

It is the limitation and the boundary that are the real cause of your disturbance.

You are peaceful, joyful, and happy, as long as you have not come in contact with your boundaries. The moment you come into contact with them, the mind scares: “Oh! Because that person did this, this happened; this is bad, that shouldn’t be; it should be like that, it shouldn’t be this way…” At that moment, what can you do? Just say, “My Lord, make me become aware of my boundaries. Now, You bring peace. You do it. I am giving it all to You. “That very moment, you start smiling; there is such a sigh of relief! However hopeless the situation may be, you will walk through it, sing through it, dance through it. This is love! 

In Hindi, the word “love” is “prem” – written with two-and-a-half letters. There is a saying: “Who is a real Master, a pundit, a wise person? Not the one who has studied a lot of scriptures, but the one who has studied the word with two-and-a-half letters!” This two-and-a-half lettered word is this moment. It is a test of the moment. When you come in touch with your limitations, your boundaries, or the small things that come along, then observe… Are you hemmed in by your boundaries… or can you maintain your freedom, your non-judgmental attitude and innocent love in your heart? Is it continuing? If it is and if you can become solid in this, then nothing in the world can rob you of peace!