Animals and their vibrations

Every creature on this planet brings down a particular electromagnetic wave on the Earth. And even if one creature goes missing, the Earth would not be able to sustain itself. There is snake, mouse, lion, cow, cat, fish and so many others, and all play an important role in maintaining the balance on the planet. That is what scientists say today.

According to the laws of nature, everything radiates energy. In Indian mythology, every god or goddess is associated with a vehicle in the form of animal or bird. The understanding behind this is that that particular animal or bird brings down the associated vibration on the Earth. For example, through the means of tiger, the vibrations of Mother Divine or Goddess Durga descends to the Earth.The goat carries the planet Mars’ vibration, crows carry the vibration of planet Saturn (God Shani), bull descends the vibrations of Lord Shiva, and the mouse that of Lord Ganesha.

The Nature has created these animals according to its own rules. Wherever these animals may be, the corresponding vibrations are available to us through them. And this is the logic behind various native cultures worshiping different animals and birds, connecting divinity with everything. Our ancient Rishis (Saints) have also said the same thing, that each Angel or Devata descend in the form of an invisible energy on a particular type of being. It sounds scientific too. Of course, we can’t specifically say which animal brings down which vibes, because a lot of research needs to be done on this.

In the middle ages, people never understood that butterflies have very specific things to do. If there are no butterflies, food cannot be grown. People with less knowledge question what butterflies have to do with having more food. In the US, when the pesticides were spread, they never considered butterflies or insects as an important phenomenon. So what happened? All the butterflies disappeared! Now they are bringing butterflies in containers and leaving them in the fields so that pollination can happen and food can be grown. The quality of food suffers a lot when pollination does not happen. So, from an ant to an elephant, everything has a role to play in this planet.

When the Vishalakshi Mantap (Meditation hall at the Art of Living International Center, Bengaluru, India) was built, we never thought of keeping the statue of ‘Nandi’ (the bull) in front of the hall.

One gentleman came and said, “Gurudev, one of my relatives in America wanted to build a temple there but now he is no more. So we ordered this Nandi and Nataraja (Lord Shiva) statues, we are not able to keep them at our home because it is so big. Could you please keep it here?”

So he kept the Nandi in front of the hall and the Nataraja on the stage.

Few days later, there was a satsang in Mumbai (India) where there were beautiful swan statues. Someone got those swans from Mumbai and kept it here.

Next, somebody brought a Garuda (Eagle) statue. It was a one ton statue brought from Indonesia by ship.

I never planned this; these vahanas (vehicles of the Divine) came on their own.

In the Guru Peetha (the high seat of learning), all the three vahanas of Brahma (Swan), Vishnu (Eagle) and Shiva (Bull) came and sat in our Vishalakshi Mantap on their own and in perfect sequence.