Guru Purnima is a celebration of seekers, and the seeker revises his journey. He reviews his journey. How far you have walked, where have you come from, what you have experienced in life and how many hurdles have you faced and how many hurdles you have crossed. What is your journey and where is it moving ahead?

It is a review of one’s journey. And then, re-dedication. This is the day to re-dedicate. Review, Re-dedicate and then Rejoice in gratitude. These are the 3 things that Guru Purnima brings to you. The celebration is for re-dedication and rejoicing in gratitude

Every seeker have 3 modes that he goes through:

The first mode is pashu-bhava – the Basic Instinct.

The sadhak (seeker) wants to satisfy his basic instinct, his needs, to get rid of his misery, so he becomes a sadhak. A sadhak is seeking to be free, to get liberated. Liberated from what? From misery and lack. Lack and misery are what one wants to be free from. One wants to experience abundance. This you know when there is someone to take care of you, when there is the power, the divine, who is taking care of you. This Faith is pashu-bhava. It is the basic mode.

The first mode is Confidence that there is someone who is taking care of my needs. I am concerned about my needs, right? When you know there is someone who is providing for you, then you are relax, you have comfort. If you have a dog at home, a horse, or other animals, the animals know their master is there and the master will provide for them. There is confidence and a certain loyalty for the master. That loyalty and confidence is the first mode of sadhak.

The second mode is vira-bhava – Conviction & Valor

The second mode of sadhak is vira-bhava or invoking the Valour within you. Life poses many challenges where things get shattered. In these moments, your confidence get shattered. You start doubting your own abilities. You start doubting your progress. You start doubting yourself and everybody else, which is a reflection of your own self-doubt.

When these turmoil come, when these arise in you, when you have the valour of ‘I will go through this. I will I will come out of it successfully. I will achieve this. Come what may,’ invoking that valour is the second mode of the seeker.

The first is Confidence and Faith. The second mode is Conviction and Valour to move on the path. ‘I will go through, come what may.’

The third mode is Divya Bhava – The Divine Power

And then the last one, the Divine power, when you feel total oneness with the divinity. Sacrifice and dedication in vira-bhava lead you to Divya-bhava, which is divinity.

What is divinity? It is when you see that everything is a game. The whole universe is just a play and display of consciousness. You are not shaken and not moved by anything whatsoever.

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You know sometimes, we can say we are all love but others are bad. No. In divya-bhava, you see the role of everyone else also divine, not just yours as divine. You find every single role, whatever it is, as divine, as a game, as a play. That is divya-bhava

These are the 3 modes a sadhak moves in life as time progresses.