In the world, everything reminds us of something that is not clear, something that is beyond. A hand unseen is behind this creation, and every pair of eyes is looking towards that hand which is not seen. Wherever one looks, one is looking for that hand which is behind and unseen. You look at a flower and appreciate the flower and behind the flower, there’s that beauty, that truth which could bring this beauty. If this flower does not remind you of the eternal beauty, of the eternal truth, then it has not fulfilled its purpose.  So behind every activity, pleasant, unpleasant, chaotic, harmonious, is one Divinity.


This entire creation is rejoicing you, because it is a play. It is a game. It’s not a serious something that is judged and punished. The Divine does not intend to put you into suffering. There is no such suffering. And every pain that you undergo in this process is for the higher growth. A seed has pain to sprout. And a sprout has pain to become bigger. If you see in those terms, with every phase, the previous phase has to be dissolved. One phase dissolves to give space to another. And it is always evolutionary. So there is no reverting back, reversing. It is evolutionary. It can stop for a while, but again it continues. Even in the world, whatever you may be doing, with whomsoever you may be dealing with, see them all as part of this one whole. See the love deep inside them. You may not like somebody’s action, what they do, but look into the Divine love that is deep inside them. It’s not the action. It is the state of your Being. The intention deep inside you from which you act is what makes a difference.